Perfect Skin with Mary Kay Luminous Foundation

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During the Spring / Summer 2011 runway shows, I noticed quite a few designers who had models sporting the dewy look. Elie Saab (photo on the left), in particular, kept the makeup looking very fresh, young, and natural.

Of course, some of the glow may be attributed to a highlighting product. An appropriate foundation, however, is just as crucial to the over-all effect. Since then, I have been looking for a foundation that could give me the perfect base for this look. Because the likes of Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is just too expensive at the moment, I opted for a similar product that sits better on the pocket. That’s when I got the Mary Kay Timewise Luminous-wear Foundation.

Just like most Mary Kay products, this foundation is oil free and non-comedogenic (does not block pores). Although not proven by clinical trials, products that are non-comedogenic are said to help prevent acne. This also has an anti-aging formula and Vitamin E to visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and imperfections. However, it does not contain any SPF (good for flash photography!).

The box indicates that it’s most suitable for people who have normal to dry skin. I quite agree with this since it does give the skin a dewy appearance, which might not sit well on people who already have quite oily skin. It might end up looking too shiny. I have combination skin (dry everywhere else except for the T-zone) and I find it all right to use.

(Timewise Luminous-wear Liquid Foundation in Ivory 5 swatch)


I really like how this foundation goes on very smoothly and evenly. Regardless of whether I put it on with a brush or with my fingers, it blends well with the skin, covers any blemishes, and neutralizes redness. It’s also very build-able, does not feel heavy on the skin, and lasts all day long.

More importantly, it does have a luminous finish that looks very natural. One of the days when I was wearing it, my friend’s mom actually commented that my skin looked great. Told her it was only because I had foundation on. Hehe. 🙂 My aunt who also uses the matte version of this has also had numerous compliments on her ‘flawless’ skin.


I thinks this foundation is best worn when it’s not too hot and humid, preferably on chilly days or at night. I noticed that the humidity can make it look extra shiny on the face that even I got quite bothered about it. I don’t usually mind a bit of shine. Moreover, since I’ve gotten used to drugstore makeup prices, I found the cost (PHP750) of this a bit too steep considering that it’s only a 29ML tube. Hopefully, it will last for a few months.

7 thoughts on “Perfect Skin with Mary Kay Luminous Foundation

  1. Mary Kay products are one of my favorite makeup brands 🙂 I use the Medium-Coverage Foundation while my cousin uses the Timewise Luminous-wear Liquid Foundation and we absolutely love both products! c:


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