Charms to Charm: D-I-Y Bracelets

Arts and crafts aren’t really my thing. Primarily because I’m rubbish at anything that involves using the hands to craft something beautiful. A few weeks back, however, I hovered about while my work mates created some charm bracelets just for fun. I thought I’d share the experience with everyone else who might be interested in these things or like me, are amazed by the entire process. I’ll try to make it as useful as possible but forgive my feeble attempts at explaining the process since I do not know any accessory-making jargon. 🙂


Look at these pliers! Making accessories is apparently a heavy-duty task!

Locks are very important to keep things in place!

A variety of pins come in handy especially when the project involves earrings. These are basically used to string a couple of beads together. The pins can be differentiated further into eye pins – with hooked ends – that are used to string two or more beads together and head pins – with flat circular ends – that are used for the bottom bead in a string or if you want to use only one bead.

Since this is about making charm bracelets, chains are an absolute must!

A couple of beads and charms will be needed as well.



1. Pick a chain, wrap it around your wrist to get the right length, and cut with the pliers. Take into consideration the size of the lock that will be placed at the end when estimating the chain length.

2. Insert a bead or string some beads together using the pins. The topmost end of the pin should be twisted to form a hook. Open the chain with the pliers and insert the hooked part of the pin on the chain. Close the chain after.

3. The beads will look something like this when hooked. After all the beads are attached, add the lock at both ends of the chain.

Then, you’re finished! Didn’t know bracelet making was that easy. 😀

Next time, perhaps we can try making ones with more daring designs. It’s all about experimenting and letting loose one’s creativity. An exciting thought, I think.

Hope this helped anyone who are interested in trying this craft out.

P.S. Thanks to my friends Jo-ann and Kim for taking the photos and making the bracelets. I was quite useless during the entire process. 😀

13 thoughts on “Charms to Charm: D-I-Y Bracelets

    1. i also had an aunt who made bracelets from beads, but more like the tribal ones from Mindanao, like the Yakan beaded bracelets with the diamond patterns. Are you familiar with those?


      1. It may be because Zamboanga has a huge Chinese community as well that has been there since ages. Interesting how the cultures have merged and are reflected in the crafts being sold. Might be equally interesting to look at all the art by Zamboangeno artists and see the reflections of different aspects of “integrated culture” (imbento term) there.


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