The Renaissance of Christian Louboutin

This campaign for Christian Louboutin’s Fall 2012 Lookbook came out last June but no matter how late I am, I still feel the need to post it because the photos are so beautiful. Enlisting the help of photographer Peter Lippmann, the iconic fashion brand sought to recreate popular Renaissance portraits to feature their exquisite collection.

Enjoy the photos!

Jean-Marc Nattier’s Marquise de PompadourFrancois Clouet’s Elizabeth of AustriaFrancisco de Zurbaran’s Santa Dorotea Jean Baptiste – Camille Corot’s Portrait of a GirlArrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist’s Mother, by James McNeill WhistlerGeorges de la Tour’s Magdalene and the FlameMarie-Guillemine Benoist’s Portrait d’une Negresse

Striking images, don’t you think? Brilliant campaign.

Photos courtesy of

2 thoughts on “The Renaissance of Christian Louboutin

    1. yeah i remember that. i still have sleeping beauty with trish. huhuhu i miss it! baaah! ill get it from her soon! haha 😀 you havent told me your news yet!


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