A Love Affair with Food at Aubergine Restaurant and Patisserie

How shall I begin to describe Aubergine Restaurant and Patisserie?

An abundance of adjective comes to mind but I think my best friend Biel said it best when she likened the experience to “having sex with food.” A very apt analogy indeed, as throughout the meal, a symphony of moans reverberated around the table while each of us took immense pleasure in the feast set before us.

Before I launch into a stream of passionate gushing about the meal, let me first set the tone of the evening. To be honest, it didn’t begin well as my friends were quite tardy. I sat alone in our table listening to the hushed conversation of the other guests while admiring the warm interior of the place.

I took the liberty of getting myself a tall glass of Absolut Heaven to keep me company. A nice zing of alcohol goes a long way to lighten up one’s mood.

When my friends finally arrived in a flurry of apologies, the very attentive servers offered us a selection of complimentary bread with some butter and their “special dip.” My choice was this sour dough.

After our orders were made and us being a bit more settled, we were given this jelly with pesto dish (didn’t quite catch what it was called), compliments of the chef. I only have one word for it — interesting.

For starters, we had these two dishes: baked oysters with spinach and bacon in wine sauce and some servings of parma ham with bleu cheese and cantaloupe melons.

Both were a delight with the ham and melon in particular being a surprisingly good combination. The smokiness of the ham coupled with the fresh, fruity flavor of the melon equaled a balance of flavor and texture.

Before we proceeded with our main course, this literally smoking mixed fruit sherbet was served to cleanse our palates. Everyone at the table was quite tickled by the presentation. Very charming.

For our main course, we shared three delicious creations. First was this Pan-Fried Norwegian Salmon with a tomato – olive relish, saffron froth and dill flavored parisiee potatoes set on leek – porchi fondue (thanks to their menu for the description). The salmon was cooked perfectly and the pasta that came with it was al dente. Some of us, however, found the broth too rich for our taste.

Then there’s this Lamb Duo, which is basically Australian lamb cooked in two ways, served on top of a mixture of beans, baby potatoes, and fruit. As expected, the meat was soft and juicy just the way I like my meat. I liked the lamb that had pesto on it best.

Lastly, and my favorite among the three, is the Classic French Rougie Duck Confit. We asked for it to be served medium so the flesh was wet with flavor as it melted in the mouth. The skin… well the skin was from another dimension. It was delightfully crispy and every bite exploded with sinful pleasure. I could have died happy eating this.


But of course, the Aubergine experience would not be complete without sampling their famous foie gras. Now let me take the time to thank everyone who recommended this to me. The foie gras was dreamy. Perfectly seared on the outside – yes I use the word “perfect” in this post quite a lot because there’s no other word more apt – yet oh so creamy and buttery and on the inside. Moan, moan, moan!

Just when we thought there was no recovering from our mind-blowingly delectable meal, the dessert sampler we ordered came. It consisted of a chocolate pyramid, strawberries and cream macaroon, mango panacotta, and chocolate mousse. The names of each are fancier in actuality but I don’t remember the fancy names. Especially not when my mind was completely muddled by sheer joy of eating these. This was undoubtedly everyone’s favorite part of the meal as the moaning reached to even higher notes at this stage.

To add to that, the very nice chef sent us out this complimentary dessert tray of chocolates and macaroons. None could be more happy about this than our bellies. Chocolates with a creamy center plus some soft macaroons — what a fabulous way to end the meal!

The dessert was so memorable that next time I’m craving for some sweets, I’ll be sure to drop by their patisserie. Might even hang out at the bar for some quick buzz.

Regardless of the exorbitant fees for the meal, it was a small price to pay for the truly lovely and pleasurable experience. If anyone watched the movie Babette’s Feast and lusted after the food there, this place provides the best way of satisfying that food lust here in the Philippines. Trust me.

It was also the best place to celebrate the birthday of an old and dear friend. Thank you so much, Jaye, for the long years of friendship and this utterly unforgettable meal! Here’s to more years of laughter, food tripping, and looking fabulous! Cheers! xxx

For more information, please visit their website.

Aubergine Restaurant and Patisserie is located at the 2nd floor of 32nd and 5th Building, 5th Avenue cor. 32nd Street , Fort Bonifacio 1634 Taguig, Philippines.

For reservations, contact:

[63] 02 856 9888

[63] 917-557-1675

[63] 949-641-9468

7 thoughts on “A Love Affair with Food at Aubergine Restaurant and Patisserie

  1. aaaaaaawwwww… happy birthday to jaye! =) lol.

    the food really looks mouthwatering… =)

    btw, you’re wearing the dress.. cute!


    1. Yeah! I thought it was a good occasion to wear it! 😛 I need to save up so I can have their degustation menu, which is a full course meal containing all their specialties! YUM!


  2. thanks mich for this lovely evening. awesome friends, awesome food! can’t wait to go back here, maybe then we could order the degustation menu! haha


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