YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick Review

(Apologies if the photo does not do the product justice but a more decent photo to come later.)

Until quite recently, designer lipsticks were only something I’ve dreamed about. Admittedly, I am one of those girls who are in awe of labels. A frivolous attitude for some but why not? These fashion houses have worked for years and decades to build up names synonymous to great style, utmost taste, and high quality. Hence, these brands deserve to be put in pedestals and are worthy of admiration.

Nevertheless, before I go write an essay on this theme let me get down to the real reason for this post — Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupté Silky Sensual Lipstick with SPF 15.

(Thanks to Polyvore for this better quality photo!)

My friend Kim was kind enough to let me review hers. (Yes, this lipstick is still beyond my reach. Haha) Hers come in 01 or the nude beige shade. Here’s the color swatch for your reference:

My thoughts and observations about the lipstick are as follows:

1) This has an intensely creamy texture, which makes it a joy to apply. It also gives the lips a dewy, healthy appearance that’s gorgeous. However, because it’s so creamy, it tends to emphasize the flakes on dry lips. Best to exfoliate the lips before putting this one on.

2) In terms of color, this one is highly-pigmented. What you see on the stick is definitely what you will get on your lips. Therefore, good pay off! Also, the range of colors in the collection is delightful. I’m dying to try Opera Rose, Exquisite Plum, and Red Taboo.

3) No distinct or memorable scent.

4) The packaging is obviously gorgeous and elegant.

5) Lastly, in terms of longevity, there’s nothing special. It lasts as long as any other lipstick, i.e. comes off when you’re eating or transfers on your glass when drinking.

(Nude Beige as worn by Kim)

For my over-all rating, I think I’d give this lipstick an 7/10. Good quality, good pay-off, lovely range of colors, but for the price, I could think of several cheaper lipsticks that would work just as well.

I wonder how Chanel compares?

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