Paraguaya Girl

Last night, I started experimenting with makeup while I was waiting for Thomas to come home. Particularly, I used my Sleek Paraguaya palette. I liked the result of the experiment so I thought I’d share it to those who might be interested.

Before I did my eyes, I made sure to have foundation and concealer on. Then I used a matte cream or off white eyeshadow all over the lid and up to the brow bone. The color I used from my Paraguaya palette is called Sandstone.

On the crease line and slightly above it, I applied some matte coral eyeshadow making sure to blend out the edges. I used the color Persimmon. This I thought added warmth to the eyes.

Into the crease, I pushed a grayish-brown eyeshadow like Bittersweet from the Paraguaya palette. I blended it outwards and into the coral.

Then, I drew a line close against the lash line with a dark brown eyeliner. I added an extended flick outwards and thickened it as well using my gel eyeliner from Tony Moly. On the water line and slightly below it I ran some dark brown eyeliner pencil from Elf.

Because my brows needed filling, I redefined it using Stone, still from the Paraguaya palette.

Then, using a matte bronzer, I defined the hollows of the cheeks. To avoid a harsh line, I blended it towards my temples, along the hairline and along the jawline.

I also added a touch of orange-toned blusher on the cheeks using Pantao from Sleek. Since, I forgot to curl my lashes and put on some mascarra, I did it at this time. Moreover, I put on my false lashes because I though it completed the look better.

On the lips, I used Peach and Siren from Revlon. I put on Peach first because it’s creamier and glossier then layered Siren, which is darker in color has a drier finish, on top. I just wanted to blend the two shades to get the right color and finish.

Lastly, I put some concealer from Revlon around my lips to better shape it then added a touch of highlighter from the same Revlon palette onto my cupid’s bow and tops of my cheeks.

And so… here’s the finished look!

Hope you all like it! 🙂

P.S. Sorry if the writing is not up to par. I’m writing this at 2AM and I think my brain’s already half asleep. 😉

2 thoughts on “Paraguaya Girl

  1. nice tutorial…. do you know where i can the sleek cosmetics online? i am having a hard time… 🙂

    thank you also for the reply



    1. Hi Ann,

      Thanks! You can order it from their website ( but I find that the products are more expensive when bought online 😦 What I did was I asked my boyfriend who lives in the UK to buy the products I wanted for me and have it shipped here via Royal Mail. The products are much cheaper when bought from Boots or SuperDrug (sort of like Watson’s or Mercury drugs here). Haven’t found any Filipino online seller carrying these products, unfortunately 😦


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