In This Heat, We All Need Some Balm Shelter!

While I was at the new Eastwood Mall last Saturday, The Beauty Bar‘s latest window display immediately caught my attention. Displayed there were products that had pin-up girls on the packaging. A cute look, I thought, that was so much my thing! Thus, despite my resolution to start saving, I was inevitably drawn to the store to check out the products.

Lo and behold, I was introduced to the Balm, an American brand started by Marissa Shipman. After realizing the need to have products that would enable her (and other women) to feel glamorous all the time, she went on Amazon and bought books on how to create makeup. From there, the company was born.

My first purchase from the Balm was the Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer with SPF18. This, I think, is perfect for the intense heat that we in the Philippines are experiencing lately.

What I Like About the Product

1. Unlike foundation, a tinted moisturizer feels lighter on the skin. This I can testify to since the past few weeks, my foundation (which I normally love) has left me feeling very oily and icky at the end of the day due to the extremely hot weather. Since I started using this, however, it felt like I had nothing on when in fact, I was wearing it.

2. Although it’s light, it still provides coverage. The reason I use foundation everyday is to correct my uneven skintone. Usually, I have some redness around my nose, lips, and cheeks. Moreover, I have dark circles around my eyes. I need a product that can even out my skin tone so that I may look more polished at work. A tinted moisturizer does the same thing (because of the tint) but with lesser coverage than foundation. In fact, it only offers sheer coverage so it’s specially suited to people with good skin. Since I have clearer skin lately due to Tomatox, I can use this! 🙂

3. It moisturizes and has SPF! My usual ritual includes moisturizing my face first before applying foundation. This of course adds to the heavy feeling since I’m layering products. With Balm Shelter, I don’t have to worry about restoring moisture to the skin because it already serves that purpose. More importantly, it has SPF, which is a crucial defense against the sun and consequently, premature aging.

4. It has a delightful smell. Not everyone who’s tried the product may agree, but I love how it smells. It reminds of coconut, sunblock, and sunbathing – exactly what the girl in the box is doing! 🙂

5. Good pay-off. When I asked the girl at the counter how long this product lasts, she said five months. I was skeptical, of course, but when I started using it, I realized that I really don’t need much to cover my face. A pea-sized amount will do as it blends very well.

Other Information

(Photo from

This product comes in three shades: light, light/medium, and medium. Although when I was at Eastwood, they only had it in light and light/medium. I got mine in light though light/medium also suit me because I thought it brightened up my skin more.

The cost? PHP975 – a fair price considering the quality and since other tinted moisturizers cost a lot more.

Over-all Rating: 10/10

5 thoughts on “In This Heat, We All Need Some Balm Shelter!

  1. WOW! Good recos! Thinking of buying foundation/tinted mosturizer. Sakto! Will try this one out. Thank you! HAHA. 🙂


  2. Hi Mich,

    You’ve got a very nice blog. Kudos for that! Balm is my favorite tinted moisturizer next only to the No 7 one. However, I’m currently hooked on my new wrinkle cream from HTY Gold. Though I don’t have any serious aging issues, I picked it up to prevent further damages and I’m happy that it’s working!

    wrinkle cream


    1. Hi Amy, thanks! 🙂 I want to try No. 7’s products. Unfortunately they are not available here. Look’s like a great wrinkle cream! I’ll be sure to read more about it 🙂


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