Satisfying Ginormous Appetites at Sambokojin

Japanese food has always been one of my favorites! Though I love Pinoy food dearly, if I had to live on one type of cuisine alone, it would have to be Japanese. Hence, when the opportunity to share a meal with friends came, I was quick to suggest Sambokojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill. Not only does it serve Japanese food, but it also serves my other favorite – Korean cuisine!

So last Saturday, off we went to their newest branch at Eastwood City Walk (beside Something Fishy) to satisfy our appetites.

Due to our excitement, we were there at about 10:30 AM, a good 30 minutes earlier than the official lunch opening of 11 AM. It paid to be early though as we were able to reserve good seats. It being our first time to dine at Sambokojin, we didn’t know that reservations were accepted and were in fact, advised as they are often crowded at lunch.

When we were finally led to the 2nd floor where all the eating happens, the wide selection of food amazed and delighted me. Took lots of photos to share so I shall end my waffling now and let the food do the talking.

Sushi/Sashimi/Maki Bar! (Sorry for the blurry shot. I was too busy ogling at the food )

A long counter lined with all types of meat, seafood, and vegetables for grilling!

Grilled food may be eaten with one’s choice of spices and sauces.

Sambokojin also serves Korean food. Had some bulgogi for grilling and these side dishes!

If those weren’t enough, they also serve these viands:

As for dessert, the selection is just as varied:

In addition to these baked goodies, there were also some fresh fruits, a fondue, and ice cream in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors.

Of course, because our tummies were limited in size, we weren’t able to try everything on offer. In the end, we opted to eat a lot of grilled meat, sashimi, some sushi and tempura, soup, and various desserts.

How’s that for a long, filling meal? Incidentally, were there until the end of the lunch hour at 2:30PM. That’s what I call value for money.

This all-you-can eat lunch cost me PHP595 plus PHP90 for bottomless Iced Tea.

Here are some relevant information for those interested:

Store Hours: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Monday to Friday: Lunch PHP495

Monday to Sunday: Dinner PHP595

Saturday and Sunday: Lunch PHP595

Children’s price: PHP295

You may reach them at 421-0145 or 421-0146 for reservations.

4 thoughts on “Satisfying Ginormous Appetites at Sambokojin

  1. Woow! This looks so delicious! I can’t imagine what is such a meal… in Brazil we have such different food! Though looking at all this sushi, sashimi and tempura does make me want to move to the Philippines ASAP! ^^


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