Food Lover’s Weekend: The Pavilion at MMLDC

Along Sumulong Highway in Antipolo, you’ll find the Meralco Management and Leadership Development Center. It started out as a training center exclusive to Meralco employees but they have opened it to the public in the past years. We had an early dinner there last Saturday. Tito Estrada, my aunt’s friend and a friend of mine now too, treated us there for my birthday. 🙂

Instead of extensively describing each meal as I did before, let me just show you the place and what I had first then give an over-all rating of the place and the food at the end. This would make things simple, I think.

Gorgeous woodwork at The Pavilion.

Cute dining set-up. Love it! 🙂

Strawberry and Banana shake – too sweet for my liking!

Had some soup before the main course. Not sure what it is. I think the waiter said Vermicelli, but where are the noodles?

Kani and Unagi salad – good!

For my main course, I had this tuna belly in Teriyaki sauce with rice. Yummy fish but curiously, despite the rich sauce, the fish itself was not as flavorful as I’d like it.

Now for my rating:

Ambiance – 9/10 (Just because so many things were going on in the background while we were eating)

Food – 8/10 (Good but can use some improvement)

Price – Affordable! (PHP100-PHP300 range)

2 thoughts on “Food Lover’s Weekend: The Pavilion at MMLDC

    1. Our friend lives nearby 🙂 He brought us there hehe You should visit it! Really nice place to walk around when it’s not rainy. Reminds me of Ateneo 🙂


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