Sumptuous Saturday at Timberland Heights

Birthdays, in my opinion, are best spent in the midst of beauty. Hence, when my cousin aged another year last Saturday, we celebrated it at Timberland Heights – a gorgeous property up in the serene mountains of San Mateo Rizal, just 3o minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Quezon City.

A postcard-worthy sunset accompanied us as we traversed the winding road towards Timberland.

And as soon as we reached the property, nestled perfectly against land and sky, it felt like a much-awaited homecoming. The moment was breathtaking.

Everywhere we looked, nature was painting a transient masterpiece that I personally wished could last for ages longer.

Even the lobby was picture perfect!

There’s the gorgeous wood work, artsy chandelier, and a view of the passing twilight.

Then it was time to dine and indulge our gastronomic fantasies.

An international buffet was waiting to be devoured. From couscous to beef in rum sauce, Japanese sushi to Mexican soup, lamb burgers to lemon pies, there were different cuisines to suit different palates.

Of course, after the humongous amount of food consumed, some form of exercise is needed.

(Photo above by my cousin, Mark Bugante)

While it was too late for some wall climbing, hiking, or cycling, it was the perfect opportunity for some night swimming at the infinity pool. The lukewarm felt lovely and the experience was even made lovelier by the million stars scattered across the night sky and the unhindered view of the city lights below.

From such great heights, it was the panoramic view of the city that captured my heart the most. Whether seen in the soft warmth of daylight or cloaked with the mantle of night, the city was a joy to behold.

(Photo above by my cousin, Mark Bugante)

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    1. Thanks Jazz! 😀 It’s been ages since I last updated my blog! ahahah gotta get writing soon! 😛


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