Do-It-Yourself Facial from Mary Kay

Mary Kay Cosmetics started as a family-run company in the US  by a visionary woman called Mary Kay Ash.  She resigned as the National Training Director of a direct-selling company after one of the men she trained got promoted above her. Armed with a $5,000 capital, the determination to succeed, and a dream to share with women all over the world the secrets of proper skin care, she started the company in a small office in Texas with her sons and daughter. At present, her company has grown to unimaginable proportions and in 2004, she was  listed by PBS as one of the 25 Most Influential Business Leaders in the last two decades.

My aunt, who has recently become one of Mary Kay’s beauty consultants, gave me some product samples for a do-it-yourself facial. She has become a firm believer of the products after only a few weeks so I was excited to try them.

Please forgive my spotty face in the coming photos. Teehee! 😀


Start with a clean face. Rub some of  Timewise’s 3-in-1 cleanser on a damp face and neck. This product claims to clean, exfoliate, and freshen the face hence the name. It’s suitable for sensitive skin as it contains no fragrance and it’s non-comodogenic (i.e. does not contain products that clog the pores and cause acne). Usually comes in a tube.


Personally, I was surprised after using this product because it didn’t leave my face feeling taut and dry as most cleansers do. It actually felt very moisturized so I had to ask my aunt if something was wrong with it. Hehe.

Next step is to get rid of dead skin cells, white heads, and black heads with Timewise’s Microdermabrasion formula. Apply the product on a damp face and neck whilst rubbing gently following an upwards motion. It contains really small exfoliation beads that is suitable to use on dry to oily skin. Once again, it’s oil and fragrance free.

After a few minutes, rinse the product off using lukewarm water.


I really felt the beads moving across my face and neck while I was using this product though they’re very tiny. They aren’t even visible on the photo above despite having the product on my face. The abrasive feeling felt very nice. Good riddance to all my dead skin cells!

After taking away the bad stuff from the skin, it’s time to replenish it with some good stuff from the Timewise Microdermabrasion: Replenish. This serum is highly packed with vitamins, antioxidants, anti-irritants to nourish the skin. Like it’s counterpart above, it’s good for oily to dry skin and it’s oil and fragrance-free.

Just rub the product on gently on the face and neck.


This product is amazing! After I put it on, my face felt really soft and smooth. Even the fingers I used for applying felt really, really nice. I can just imagine all those vitamins and antioxidants working on my skin.

To finish the process, apply some moisturizer on top of the serum. The Timewise age-fighting moisturizer is good for normal to dry skin and it’s also suitable for sensitive skin. Moreover, like the other products, it’s fragrance-free and non-comedogenic.


This moisturizer settles very well on the skin. Unlike others, it doesn’t leave one with a greasy feeling. It’s the first time I’ve used this product so I can’t say if it truly is age-defying. 🙂


The following steps are very optional. Since I was given some makeup products as well, I thought I’d give them a try.

Foundation is good for evening out the face’s skin tone especially for people who have discolorations and broken capillaries. The Timewise Matte Wear foundation is good for combination to oily skin and claims to leave a perfectly flawless, matte finish.


Again, this foundation amazed me! Immediately after rubbing it on with fingers (which gives lesser coverage as opposed to using a brush), I saw how my face was transformed. No more redness around the nose and lips. No more dark circles under the eyes! Even the spots I had on my cheek and forehead can barely be seen. I’m totally in awe!


Then I tried on the lipstick sample. It’s not as creamy as I think it should be given the name and it left my lips feeling a bit dry but it’s all right. 🙂


For my eyes, I used the mineral eye color in Silky Caramel. It’s a matte eye shadow that can work well as a base. The color’s somewhere in the middle of peach and beige.


Lastly, I tried on this gorgeous blush from Mary Kay’s mineral cheek color collection. It’s called Shy Blush and for me, it’s reminiscent of Nars Orgasm. This is a pink shade that’s shot through with gold. It makes the cheeks look absolutely glowing! I really love this.

I tried to make some swatches but it’s very difficult to get the true color on photo since the product is very sheer in terms of finish. I needed to do a lot of building up to make it visible to the camera. That’s a good thing of course since it allows one to put on as little or as much as one desires.

Over-all I’m very happy with the products I’ve tested today. The facial was easy to do and the makeup was impressive. I’m definitely going to buy their foundation, blush, and skin care line.

By the way, here’s the before and after photo for those who care to see the difference:

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