Yay or Nay: Flower Power for Men

This is part two of the Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear collection. Here, I looked at collections from Prada, Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli, and a whole lot more. Unlike the first part of this series, I’m going to narrow in on the trends for this post rather than the brands.


A trend at the Prada Menswear S/S 2012 show caught my attention: flower prints on menswear! I have nothing against flower prints. In fact, I love them! However, seeing them on men’s clothes just seem weird to me so I’m undecided about whether I like them or not. What do you guys think?


This season, patterns seem to be all over the place. In particular, variations of the traditional stripes are seen not only in clothes but also in the accessories.

I specifically like how Missoni interpreted this trend with the use of varying weights and colors for the lines. It kinda reminds of those sand landscapes I used to make in art class.


The use of bright colors is also very much evident. In additional to the usual grey, black, and khaki, the palette of most shows primarily consist of bright yellows, mossy greens, shades of plum and aubergine, ruby reds, and robin’s egg blue.

This went too far in Calvin Klein, though. I admit I’ve never been a fan of the brand and this season was no different.


Splashes of Meditteranean culture can be seen in the different collections this season. Vivienne Westwood, for instance, drew from Greece in honor of the 2012 Olympics to be held in London.

Meanwhile, traces of Morrocan culture is reflected in Burberry’s mosaic patterns and Roberto Cavalli’s kaftan-inspired suit.

Lastly, Prada’s shirts echo elements from the wild west.


Apparently, the short shorts trend have extended even to menswear. On one hand, I think it’s cute as it makes men look like innocent school boys. Yet on the other, I think it’s a bit amusing to see grown men wearing short shorts.

Dilemmas like this is what, in my opinion, make fashion exciting.

And that, I think, marks the end of my series for this season’s menswear shows. Might do some more in the future especially since I’ve been requested to write about Etro and Paul Smith. 😉

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. As always, I had fun watching the shows and appreciating the men. The men in the Gucci show are very, very divine! 😀

For more photos of the different collections, please visit VOGUE.CO.UK.

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