S/S 2012 Menswear I: Patterns, Light Fabrics, Coveralls, and Nets

‘Tis once again the season of exciting runway shows, particularly for the Spring/Summer 2012 Menswear collections of various luxury fashion houses. Admittedly, I only ever watch men’s runway shows to gawk at the handsome male models so I claim not to be an expert of this particularly field. However, I thought that perhaps I could share some of my observations to the people who might be interested.


Let me start this post with what I think is one of the best male fashion brands out there – Burberry Prorsum. In my eyes, the Burberry man is the embodiment of cool, hip, and modern.

This season, the collection is a mixture of eye-catching colors and patterns that are toned down versions of the bright tones seen in their F/W 2011 collection. These have been quite a deviation from the subdued camel and earth tones that the brand is known for.

I love the seamless mix of patterns coupled with the use of varying complimentary colors. The hats, I’m not a fan of but the shoes are just gorgeous in a manly way, of course.

(See more of the collection here and here)


At Emporio Armani, Spring/Summer 2012 is all about light fabrics and fluid lines. It’s almost hypnotic watching the models walk the runway as the clothes move so effortlessly around their bodies. The entire collection just flows smoothly, which is typical of what I imagine an Armani man would be (think James Bond or David Beckham).

Clearly, these screen shots from the runway show don’t do the clothes justice as they cannot depict movement. So to better appreciate the genius of this collection, please watch the runway show here.

Before I move on to the next collection, however, let me be girly for a while as I comment on the sheer sexiness of the Armani men. Gosh, I wouldn’t mind owning one (or two, or three) of them! 🙂


An interesting concept defines the collection for Bottega Veneta. According to creative director Tomas Maier, he wanted to create clothing for men that works the same way as dresses work for women – a one piece of clothing that’s effortless to wear. However, recognizing that tailored jumpsuits are an impractical idea, he settled with creating these “coveralls” that almost conceals every inch of skin whilst playing with unusual  textures to add excitement to the garments.

The result: these glorious masterpieces from one of Milan’s premier luxury brands.

There’s something incredibly sexy about these clothes. Must be the idea of peeling away each piece bit by bit to reveal the skin beneath. 😉

(More of the collection here.)


Lastly, I’m moving on to the D&G collection, where a curious trend is spotted: “The Net.” According to D&G, not only does this communicate the masculine activities of fishing and football, but also, it represents the Internet, a technology that has dominated much of people’s lives at present.

On the clothes and accessories, the net is brought to life using various textures, materials, sizes, and transparencies. Here are some of the items from the collection:

Cool, eh? Even the shoes are meshed! 🙂 Of course, this trend might not fly with everyone but worry not, the collection still contains some sleek and classic Dolce & Gabbana suits.

(See the highlights of the show here)

I gotta say I enjoyed ogling the men at the shows. What woman wouldn’t? Therefore, I shall endeavor to do a part two for this post. Can’t wait! 😀

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