Oh, PS! My Heart Skipped a Beat!

I was supposed to post about something else tonight, but when I saw Proenza-Schouler’s Pre-Spring 2012 collection on my Facebook news feed, I got really giddy! Shallow as this may sound, my heart did skip a beat. Oh, I am in love with the lines, colors, layers – the overall concept and design of the collection.

When I look at the clothes, I am reminded of the African landscape. I think about the indigo sky carrying the orange and scarlet hues of the African sunset burning behind majestic fir trees. I can see the yellows, greens, and browns of the vast savannas, teaming with wildlife. Perhaps even the pinks, purples, and magenta of wild flowers. Everything is pulsing with life! There’s a wildness and vibrancy about this collection that calls to me. Yet at the same time, everything’s also very controlled and elegant.

My favorites include the following:

(Photos from the PS Facebook Page)

Truly, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough are masters of this craft! Every collection exudes the aura of a young, modern, vibrant and polished woman. If only I had all the money in the world, I’d buy most of the clothes from their every collection.

Goodness, even as I finish writing this post, my heart’s still beating like mad. Yes, I truly am deeply and madly in love with this brand!

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