Product Review: Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula with Vitamin E

For more than a month now, I have been using Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula with Vitamin E as my shampoo and conditioner. I switched to these after I noticed how dry my hair seemed after using Clear. To be honest, I knew nothing about the products when I bought them. I just grabbed them off the shelf because they claimed to 1) be made from organic Olive Oil and 2) they contained Vitamin E.

At that time, I found these reasons compelling enough to drive me to purchase because I already knew about the various benefits of olive oil. Not only is it good for one’s health when taken in, but also, it’s good for moisturizing the skin and hair. Moreover, its other component, Vitamin E, is known to help promote hair growth, prevent split ends, and retain the hair’s vibrant color.

Smoothing Shampoo

Palmer’s Smoothing Shampoo claims to do the following:

  • Smooth out frizzy hair
  • Replenish moisture and nutrients
  • Remove product buildup
The first two claims are common in most shampoos. The third one, however, is what I found most interesting. Usually, the use of hair products such as hair sprays, waxes, and even shampoos and conditioners causes buildup on the scalp, which in turn makes the scalp flaky. Some shampoos and conditioners, especially those that contain a lot of chemical additives, worsen the buildup. Hence, it’s very important to choose products that contain as little additives as possible so that it may better clean the hair and get rid of the piles of product left on the scalp.


Replenishing Conditioner


As much as a good shampoo is important, a good conditioner is just as important because it gives back the hair the nutrients and moisture that’s washed away by shampooing. Palmer’s Replenishing Conditioner claims to do the following:
  • Smooth out frizzy hair
  • Increase moisture levels
  • Soften tight curls
With its extra virgin olive oil, soy bean, and keratin amino acids, it works to protect the hair from “environmental aggressors” and styling tools such as blow dryers.


The Assessment


I would say that indeed, this product is as good as it claims to be. After a month of using the shampoo and conditioner, my hair is much shinier and healthier looking. The ends aren’t as brittle and dry as it was a month ago. Moreover, when I run my hands over and through it, I can actually feel that it’s softer and smoother as opposed to coarse. The conditioner in particular doesn’t leave the hair flat and heavy as some smoothing conditioners have the tendency to do. It’s an added bonus that these products smell so nice. You’ll surely have a pleasant bathing experience.


The only thing I’m not sure about is if it actually softens tight curls. My roots are growing curly now and they seem to be as curly as usual even after using the shampoo and conditioner. Nevertheless, I guess I’m too optimistic to expect shampoo and conditioner to straighten my roots. Also, these do not treat dry scalp even if these contain olive oil. Until now, I’m still trying to look for a solution to that problem. I might try rubbing extra virgin olive oil directly on my scalp soon. I also bought a hair mask last week to see if that’s any good at treating that particularly problem. I shall write about after a month’s time.


Anyway, I hope some of you guys found this review useful. Both products retail at about PHP300+ each so these are quite steep in terms of pricing. They last long though so that’s all right, I guess. πŸ™‚ Both can be found at Watson’s.

22 thoughts on “Product Review: Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula with Vitamin E

  1. I have tried Dove intense repair and I also like the results but I would love a shampoo that would completely stop hair fall. Thanks for sharing this review. I will also try this shampoo


  2. I have tried Dove intense repair and I also like the results but I would love a shampoo that would completely stop hair fall. Thanks for sharing this review. I will also try this shampoo


  3. Palmer’s is one of the brands that I really like, especially their body lotions – they also the olive oil variant. What I used was the post-pregnancy skin tightening body lotions, hehehe… they are the best and come highly recommended by other moms I know.
    Great to know they have shampoos as well!


  4. i have been using a lot of different shampoos and conditioners for years now, but still cannot find the right one haha. anyways i have my hair so long now ended up that i needed to just tie it up ponytail braids or buns everyday. waiting for trip back to philippines for some good old haircut xx


  5. i tried some palmers product but never this olive oli product shampoo. Olive oil is good for the hair .i used to massage my hair with olive oil back in Qatar at maganda talaga ang effect.


  6. Hi mich, i wanna ask you 2 question:
    1. Do you still use these products?
    2. I have a waving hair texture, do you think if i use the shampoo (without conditioner), it can straighten my hair? Thanks for the answer, GB


    1. Hi! I haven’t used these products in a while. I don’t think it can straighten your hair. πŸ™‚ My hair is naturally curly too and from experience, shampoo and conditioner alone are not enough to straighten it πŸ™‚


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