Fall/Winter 2011 Trend: Spider Lashes

Yesterday, I got inspired by Pat McGrath’s makeup for Lanvin’s Fall/Winter 2011 show. She put the emphasis on the eyes by building up the mascarra until they clumped together to create a thick, spidery effect.

Since my cousin felt up to doing a photo shoot today, we decided to recreate the look and shoot it. This was my visual while I was doing my makeup:

For this look, Pat wanted it to be very simple. To quote from her interview in allure.com, “It’s the girls looking like they’ve done the makeup themselves. It’s all about imperfection.”

With this in my mind, I started by applying some moisturizer and foundation on my face.

I have been quite spotty recently, hence I had my share of blemishes and the usual discolorations to cover and even out.

Before moving on to perfect my skin, I started work on my eyes since the resulting fall outs might render my skin work useless. For the base, I chose a shimmery golden color from my Sleek Storm palette and placed it all over my lid. I also brought the color down to my lower lid.

Then, I used a matte brown shadow mixed with a bit of black and patted it on my outer corners, also blending it on my crease. Later on, I pulled the color outwards squaring off at the end to imitate Pat’s original visual (instructions by Pat here). I also brought the extra color on my brush down to my lower lid as I found the gold too warm and shiny.

Yes, those are rollers in my hair by the way. Hehe…

The eyes should look something like this when closed. Blend the outer edges more if you desire but I quite like it a bit rough round the edges since I didn’t want it to look too perfect.

The eyes done, I proceeded to fill in my brows with a light brown matte shadow making sure to keep it as natural looking and light as possible since I did not want to draw attention away from the eyes. After this, I started spot correcting with my concealer and setting the entire base with powder.

For the blusher, I applied very minimal color using a fan brush, gently brushing a cross my cheeks.

Lastly, I worked on my lashes applying loads of mascarra until they clumped together. Then I filled in my lips with a natural pink lip liner and patted some pink lipstick on top.

Here’s the finished look from one of the test shots. Zooming into the lashes, the spidery effect becomes visible. Sorry for the messy hair, by the way. We were just trying out the lighting and I didn’t bother covering my curls as my roots are growing out and my natural kinky hair is coming through.

Hope you guys can try out this look too! ย I enjoyed recreating it very much. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it’s quite sexy yet at the same time, very wearable.

Watch out for the photo shoot photos coming out soon! ๐Ÿ™‚ Haven’t seen the shots myself so keeping my fingers crossed for nice photos! I have every faith in my cousin though so I’m sure they will be great. Yay!

5 thoughts on “Fall/Winter 2011 Trend: Spider Lashes

    1. Yep! I know about the clinique mascarra! I wanna have them too! Pixiwoo says its really good. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hahaha let’s buy… sana di super mahal!


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