British-Style Igado Recipe

Igado or “Higado” in Spanish simply means liver. In the Philippines, it’s also the name of a tomato-based pork and liver dish that’s popular among local households.

Last Saturday, when Tom and I were looking for something challenging for him to cook, we settled on this dish with a recipe from Being a self-proclaimed chef, he tweaked the recipe a bit and made it his own.


1. 1 kg of pork and 1 kg of  liver

2. 1 whole onion

3. Some cloves of garlic

4. Half cup soy sauce

5. 1/4 cup vinegar

6. Half cup Worcestershire sauce

7. Half cup paprika

8. Two tins of chopped tomatoes

9. A pack of peas

10. Some bell peppers

11. Coriander leaf

12. Chili

(The quantities per ingredient are only estimated since Tom doesn’t really measure. Feel free to make your own estimates.)


1. Fry onions and garlic and when these are nearly done, add the pork and liver.

2. While the meat are cooking, add the soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, and paprika.

3. Stir for a bit then transfer the entire thing to a slow cooker. Leave for at least 6 hours.

4. While waiting, sautée some bell peppers in a pan.

5. After that, add in the green peas. Stir together until the peas are halfway done and then turn off the flame and leave for a bit.

6. After four hours in the slow cooker, add the bell peppers and peas with the meat, which at this point would have a soupy tomato base.

6. After six hours at the slow cooker, sprinkle some coriander leaf and chili on top.

Expect the soup to turn greasy because of the fat from the pork. Scoop the oil out, if you want. But there we have it! Igado, British-style.

Topped on steaming, hot rice and it’s a sure-fire enjoyable meal!

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