Lunch Bunch at Pho Hoa

We at the Lunch Bunch are dedicated to trying out the restaurants in the Ortigas Center area so that we may share with you the best and worst among them. Introducing, the officers:

This week, we set our sights on Pho Hoa, located at Ground Level SM Megamall (beside our favorite Jipan). There we ordered two bowls of noodles.

Forgot what these are called , to be honest, since the names are in Vietnamese. :/ Not very impressed with the taste either. Or maybe that’s just me. I’ve always found Pho Hoa’s noodles a bit too bland for my taste.

The noodles came with this mixture of fresh cilantro leaves, bean sprouts, and lemon wedges. These can be mixed in with the noodles or eaten as a salad. Again, not my thing. The cilantro has a quite a distinct taste and the stem was a bit woody so I didn’t enjoy it much.

Good thing this fried squid with chili and green onions saved the meal. Just be sure to have some mints handy because this sticks to the mouth.

For me though, my Pho Hoa favorite is their rice meals. This one’s grilled pork with shanghai rolls and rice. This is really worth the money. Very filling. 🙂

There we have it. Not much to say about Pho Hoa. Hopefully, the Lunch Bunch will find a more rave-worthy place next time. Hope everyone’s had a great Monday! Take care! xxx

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