High Tech Pampering at Nail It, Katipunan

I decided to give hands and feet some pampering today after monthly threading and waxing at Lay Bare so I went next door to their sister company, Nail It. Perhaps it’s because it’s been several months since I dropped by a proper nail salon, but the gadgets used at Nail It!, Katipunan Branch really impressed me.

(Above: Pretty interior in various shades of purple.)

I opted for their foot spa, manicure, and pedicure package at PHP480. The price is definitely worth it for the quality of service, product, and experience. Nait It, by the way, only uses Orly and The FaceShop nail polishes and other locally-sourced products for creams, scrubs, etc.

Like any foot spa, it started with a foot soak. But unlike the rest, they made full use of their machine. I was really amused by what I’d like to call the “bubble massage.” Later on, the bubbles were switched off and the vibrations were increased. Felt really nice! 🙂

Then, Ate Amore, proceeded to scrub the pads of my feet to remove dead skin cells and smoothen out the callouses. Good thing I’m not ticklish. I did not have embarrassing fits of laughter while this was being done. 🙂

Next was the peppermint scrub, lathered all over my legs and feet. It had little beads in it that also helped in exfoliating. Because it was peppermint, it felt really cool and fresh. Ate Amore was very nice and allowed me to take pictures while she was doing this.

To moisturize my feet, she put on this blue mask and left it for a few minutes. I forgot to ask what it’s made of. After this, she proceed with the usual pedicure routine.

While my feet were being done, another nail specialist, Ate Cheryl, started with the manicure. I noticed they didn’t use any merthiolate, which is good because that’s poisonous, or any similar tinting product. Instead, they used a moisturizing nail cream to help soften and clean my cuticles.

When it was time to choose my nail color, I was thrilled by the wide range of options before me. They had about 4 or 5 plastic palettes (like the ones shown above). I opted for orange sorbet from Orly – a trendy peachy orange glaze that looked really pretty on the sample.

After all my nails were done, another specialist came to inspect them and ask me if I was happy with how my nails looked. The quality control on their end pleased me. Such conscientious ladies! 🙂 They then put my hands in this high tech nail dryer to assure that when I step out of the salon, my nails are completely dry and perfect. No more worrying about chipping them while digging through my wallet for payment! 🙂

Finally, here’s the gorgeous orange sorbet on my hands and feet. Both look really nice after all the pampering! I’m very much satisfied with the experience and I can’t wait to go back at another time to try another color! 🙂

Nail It also has branches in Pearl Drive, Ortigas, Rockwell, and Greenbelt. All are located beside Lay Bare.

4 thoughts on “High Tech Pampering at Nail It, Katipunan

  1. Is this the one around Regis Center? (I came upon your blog post because I was looking for that nail salon beside Lay Bare, just wanted to make sure 😉 ) Your post makes me want to try them out!


    1. It’s been awhile since I have been there, but yeah it’s a long that road between Regis and KFC 😊


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