Monster Meal for Little Monsters

The Hosts

Jeff (right), in his Twitter profile, describes himself as a “proud little monster.” Jo-ann (left), on the other hand, is a monster bully at work. Her favorite targets: the name of my blog, which she calls “micheats,” and Kim, our resident cuddle toy.

The Guests

Kim (left) and Mich (right) are Jo-ann’s favorite victims. Kim loves hotdogs and hot noodles while Mich is a quiet little girl, intent on living a peaceful life in a sheep farm.

Then, there’s also Lei. She’s carrying an angel in her tummy hence her glowing aura.

Lastly, here are the rowdy boys – Pao (left) and Dave (right). The evil iPad sneakily invaded their minds and at this particular moment in time, they are completely at its mercy. Symptoms of this invasion include anti-social behavior and lots of random cursing and shouting.

The Meal

Following the evident abundance of monstrosity in this party, an equally monstrous meal is a must.

It started with a couple of potato wedges AKA mojos. For the hungry, this the perfect way to start a meal.

Then came the spaghetti with Shakey’s oh-so-yummy garlic bread. No one knows what butter they used on that bread but gosh, it’s almost the best part of the meal.

When it was time for pizza, everyone was at the brink of getting full. Belts have been loosened and pants have been unbuttoned at this stage.

Just when everyone was ready to puke their guts out, a basket of fried chicken and mojos landed in their midst. Of course, given their uncontrollable monster urges, they couldn’t wait to get their hands on some! NOM NOM NOM.

And since this is actually a birthday party, candles have to be blown.

The boss approves!

So here’s the group without Pao taken before the monster meal. These monsters were soooo hungry but still, they managed to smile for the camera. Such friendly people! 😉

Til the next monster adventure! Happy birthday, my little monsters! :>

10 thoughts on “Monster Meal for Little Monsters

  1. “while Mich is a quiet little girl, intent on living a peaceful life in a sheep farm.” —Wow! biased description daw ito te mich :p


    1. Hahahaha hi lex!!! 🙂 We miss you too!!! but i love your tweets. Seem like youre having such a great time! 🙂


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