Jipan, Jipan, Jipan!

For some reason unknown to man or just me, my original content for this entry got deleted. I am in despair at present because all the thoughts and memories I have previously written down, disappeared in an instant. Now, I am tasked to remember and rewrite once more.

Since I’m too lazy to recount everything, I hope I may be forgiven for cutting my original story short. I waffle too much anyway.

This restaurant is a top favorite of ours so we visit it often. On this particular day, I decided to try something new from the menu and so I picked their spicy maguro salad. Not my favorite. I couldn’t finish it because it was too rich to eat in one go. I would like to see a little less mayo and more lettuce.

Good thing I also ordered some futo maki. It’s tamago (egg), kani (synthetic crab stick), cucumber, and mushrooms wrapped with rice and nori (seaweed). I order this often and it never disappoints!

My friend Kim stuck to her usual udon. Since she didn’t like any veggies in her soup, the waitress suggested if she would like a kakiage (veggie tempura) instead. It was so nice of them to offer. Veggies are so much palatable cooked this way for those who don’t like it.

Jo-ann, on the other hand, was ravenous so she ordered one of the special bento sets. This one has spicy beef with bean sprouts on the side, miso soup, and a huge bowl of rice. I gave it a try and it was good. The meat though was also a bit rich so the bowl of rice can really be put to good use.

In contrast, Lei claimed that she was too full to eat a complete meal so she just got herself some dessert instead.

So nice of her to share this treat with us. The chocolate mousse was perfect. Just the right sweetness and texture! It’s a joy to roll it around one’s tongue. But it’s quite expensive though at PHP120 for such a small cup. 🙂


There! So proud of myself for finding the energy and drive to write this again. I thought this post was about to see the bottom of the trash can but alas, the pictures and memories were too precious to discard.

Hope you guys drop by Jipan sometimes and try out their delicious offerings. It’s going to be worth the trip! xxx

4 thoughts on “Jipan, Jipan, Jipan!

    1. Yay! haha i often drop by Jipan to buy bread 🙂 Kaso these days laging sold out 😦 hehe thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂


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