Bread for the Soul

Since vacation started last Wednesday, I have been too lazy to post on my blog. Vacation for me means not doing anything productive at all. Every time I start to think about doing anything that requires effort, my entire body starts to feel too heavy to move so I end up just lying in bed, staring up at ceiling, and thinking about absolutely nothing!

But today, I suddenly feel the need to catch up on my backlog. So since it’s Lent and most Catholics in the Philippines are urged to abstain from meat, I’m sharing some bread photos to feed the soul.

These are called JJ Babies. How adorable!

Apple Galaxy!

Curry Dozo

Double Threat – Absolutely sinful! Look at all that cream!!!!

Mr. Beans – stuffed with red bean paste. So cute!!!

Curry Puff – People do seem to like curry in their bread.

Spring in the City – I love the colors in this one! 🙂

All these are available from:

Dropped by the other day because Jo-ann wanted some bread and the bread displayed were so pretty, I just had to take some photos! 🙂

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