Thrifting Around the Metro with Kim and Jo-ann

This trip has been planned by Jo-ann and I months and months ago and finally, it eventually pushed through yesterday. With us, was Kim, who has no knowledge whatsoever of thrift shops or Ukay-ukay as we call it here. She admitted that in her mind, she imagined us going to dark warehouses with dubious people loitering about and sifting through boxes and boxes of clothes strewn haphazardly together. She was pleasantly surprised that she imagined wrong.

Our Journey Begins

We started the day by attending the ordination of a good friend of mine at our alma mater, the Ateneo de Manila University. The visit wouldn’t have been complete without us posing at the old Communications Department building.

(Eek, I look so stout in my photo!)

After this, we went to  Cubao to fetch Jo-ann from Gateway.

First Stop: Anonas

Probably one of my favorite thrift stores is located beside the Anonas LRT 2 Station. I have found many pretty things from here in the past. And yesterday was no exception.

It’s also right across Palawan Pawnshop and along St. Joseph Church.

And here’s the entrance.

Memorabilia photo for Kim to mark her first time:

Here’s a photo of Jo-ann looking busy as well:

Lunch Break

After Anonas, we set off for Trinoma where we were planning to get some lunch before moving on to our second stop. The original plan was to ride the train to go there but Kim cheated and brought her car along.

Caught in the act of cheating: Kim.

We were sooo hungry, we were glad to finally be able to stuff ourselves silly at Sbarro.

Second Stop: Raberly near Trinoma

This second stop was suggested by Jo-ann. It’s much bigger than the shop at Anonas and so much more clothes in it. It was almost overwhelming! It was unfortunate though that we got there when there was new stuff on the racks. It meant the items were much more expensive.

Be warned, however, that the place isn’t air-conditioned like the Anonas shop so it’s going to be really hot inside!

That’s about the end of our trip. 🙂 I shall show you what I got in another blog entry! Have a great Sunday, everyone! xxx

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