Green Hills Shopping Center Haul

Last Sunday, I was surprised to find that Green Hills is no longer just the destination for fake goods and imported products. It’s now also a hub of quality and beautiful Filipino products. One stall, in particular, sold gorgeous mother of pearl purses from Cebu shaped like clams. They cost a fortune, of course, so I could only admire them. Sigh.

We bought lots of cheap things, though, including some beautiful hand-woven hats from Quezon.

My aunt loves quirky hats like this one. Perfect for a stroll along the beach.

Meanwhile, the shell / ribbon detail on this one is adorable!

My favorite hat:

It looks so elegant with its  soft off-white color, dainty flower detail, and wide brim.

Also from the same stall as the hats is this summer-print beach bag! I’m suddenly raring to go to the beach! 😀  Check out the sequins on it:

Unfortunately, this bag is not intended for me. 😛

Korean shoes are sooooo cute! 😀 Too bad they don’t have long lifespans.

And to reward me for shopping with her, my aunt bought me this “little girl” dress. The pattern’s so cute! :3

Sorry for the blurry photo. Asked the maid to take my picture because there was no one else. Her hands were a bit shaky. Hehe.

Love, love Green Hills! I lusted after so many things while I was there. I  had my eye on some satchels  but like the purses, they too were expensive. MUST SAVE UP!!!

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