Heavenly Gelato from The Stick House

Ice cream is one of the tried and tested cures for loneliness. So when three of my most loved people at work temporarily said goodbye, we all felt the need to indulge in some gelato goodness.

Where else to go but at Stick House, located at the basement of SM Megamall (in front of Bubble Tea). Unlike the usual ice cream served in a cup or on top of a cone, theirs are on a stick; hence, the name.

It’s our favorite go to place after a good lunch. Their wide selection of yummy gelato serve as the perfect, light ending to every meal.

Their selection includes milk cream, chocolate, strawberry, watermelon, mango, watermelon-mango coffee, giandula and pistachio.

Plus, you can also choose your own special “topping.” Whether it be a dark or white chocolate glaze or dip, pistachio or almond coating, or a combination of those – the choice is yours.

Personally, my all-time favorite is the pistachio ice cream with  chocolate glaze. The chocolate adds just the right compliment to the slight bitterness of the pistachio.  It truly is a piece of heaven on a stick!



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