Perk Me Up!

The past few days have been a bit gloomy and for a while, I allowed myself to wallow in my melancholic thoughts. But today, enough is enough. I have decided to move on, eat some more, do some retail therapy, and more importantly, think positive thoughts. So to help me move along, I thought I’d list down the things that usually perk me up.

1. Food. Let’s start with the obvious. Looking at my blog name,  “Mich Eats and Shops,” there’s no doubt that I enjoy food. From something as weird as Bleu  Cheese ice cream to the more familiar adobo, none can escape my voracious appetite. Sometimes, it’s thinking about what I’m going to eat for the day that gives me the energy to hustle from my bed every morning – a considerable feat for a night owl like me.

2. Hot Men. Thinking and raving about hot MEN never fail to get my adrenaline pumping. I can feel myself getting excited even as I write this. Like any other woman, I know how to appreciate a great male form. Appreciating  includes lots of stalking, drooling, and fantasizing. Just to inspire me, I guess I have to post some photos  (I really want to!):

Daniel Henney has been my fantasy man for the longest time. He can make me do anything, swear to God!

Matthew Macfayden as Mr. Darcy, especially that scene at Pemberly when he finally smiled at Lizzy.

They Young Josh Hartnett was the star of all my high school fantasies. I cried buckets when he got killed at Pearl Harbor. Too bad he doesn’t look as attractive now.

3. Stimulating Conversations. Or shall I say arguments? I really enjoy discussing and exploring random topics with people who are as equally argumentative and mule-headed as I am. Topics range from the controversial (RH Bill), philosophical (pre-determination vs self-determination), to the mundane (the plot of a lurid romance novel).

4. Going to Work Soundtrack. Music does much to help lighten up my mood. In the morning, it serves as the trigger to get my brain to start working properly. While on the cab to work, my favorite perk-me-up songs include “Lasso” and “!901” by Phoenix, “Hey Na Na” by Katie Herzig, “Dance With Me” by Nouvelle Vague and “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure.

5. Last but not the least, Thomas always cheers me up. And no, I’m not saying this because I feel obliged to do so. Cross my heart, he, being Tom, genuinely makes me happy. Enough said. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Perk Me Up!

    1. About the sideburns, i beg to disagree. But don’t worry about you being last place in that list. You know youre always first place in my <3. EEEK! Tom is flattered!!!! 😛


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