Over-Eating at Tempura Japanese Grill

Whenever I’m with my friend Jaye, we always end up ordering too much. It’s because when we scan the menu, there seem to be too many things that look appealing and we can’t make up our minds so we get whatever we like. It’s only when the food arrives that we realize that we have food for twice as much people. Then we make a pact to eat slowly so that we can finish it all.

The same thing happened at Tempura Japanese Grill (2/F, Al Fresco, Trinoma). While wandering around with no idea where to eat, we were lured to the place by the idea of grilling our own food. Both Jaye and I enjoy cooking, except that he is a much better cook than I am 🙂 I enjoy eating more!

We started our meal with a Kani Salad because Jaye insisted that we needed to have it! I got to say that it’s nothing special. Just your regular Kani Salad, with too much lettuce and not enough cucumber.

Then came the Kaisen Raisu, which has shrimp, scallops, cream dory, corn, and anchovies mixed in it. The server said it was good for two. We beg to disagree. It’s good for at least 4 people. It seriously looked like a birthday cake! It was massive! Yet, it was tasty.

We also had some Gyu Asupara Maki for our appetizer. The meat was too well-done. We both like our beef a bit raw so that it’s juicy. But I’m sure not everyone likes it that way  so this might be good for others.

Then came the exciting part: grill fever!!!

We chose buta (pork) because it was recommended in the menu…

And tori (chicken) so we can have two corn cobs! We love grilled corn!

Grilling was so much fun! Look at the flames that sparked from the dripping oil! It was really amusing turning the meat over and preventing it from getting burned. Hehehe…

I’m sure not everyone will find grilling as amusing as I did but I am easy to please. Things like this make me incredibly happy. Add to that the thought that the things I’m grilling are going to be in my tummy soon… MMMMM!

Here is our handiwork! It feels good to eat something you have cooked yourself. Plus Jaye is such awesome company so that made the meal even more enjoyable. 🙂

I went home with a bloated tummy. I was so disgustingly full! I still am even hours after the meal. Hehe… But it’s all worth it. Until the next food adventure, then! xxx

4 thoughts on “Over-Eating at Tempura Japanese Grill

    1. Hahaha Hobee! I should have! We had some rice and grilled chicken left. We couldn’t eat anymore even though we resolved to finish everything! :))


  1. hahaha! This is the first time we ate here.

    Funny thing is we didn’t want to have a smörgåsbord (i.e. Yakimix) sinec we weren’t THAT starving, but then we ended up doing almost exactly the same thing with this! 🙂

    loved the rice and buta!!


    1. Sigh, we should have known by now our tendency to order more than we can actually eat. But I guess we never learn… coz we’re both gluttons!!! 😀 you’re the best food buddy ever!


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