Bargain Finds for March

Looking for great discounts and bargains is one of the best parts of shopping. I can’t possibly describe the thrill and excitement I feel when I see a perfect item on sale. Especially now that times are tough, getting the best value for my money is a must!

This month, I found lots of things that brought me joy. Here are some of them:

This cool shoebox from The Clear Shoebox Project is a shoe-a-holic’s best friend. It’s a great way to neatly store one’s shoes and protect it from dust. It’s made from PVC film, which makes it sturdy but at the same time, less bulky as opposed to Tupperware-like plastic. It also has an air vent on one end to allow the shoes to breathe.

Moreover, it has a collapsible handle that makes carrying it around easy but won’t get in the way when you’re stacking the boxes. Pretty awesome! 🙂 What’s even more awesome is that it’s only PHP80 each! For me, that’s quite a steal considering that a plastic shoe box at the mall costs around PHP100++. For those interested, you can email your orders to csbp(at) I’m sure they’d also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

This blush from Ever Bilena (a local brand) is a surprise to me because it’s very long-wearing! A small amount will last you the whole day. My friend recommended this saying that it stays put even after a sweaty session at the gym.  Very true!

One piece of advice, though, you must blend it as soon as you dab it on your cheeks. It settles fast so it might stain one section more than others  if you don’t act quick. Also, you don’t need much of it to get some color so use sparingly unless you want to look clownish.

The only downside to this product is it only comes in this color. 😦 Retail price is between PHP80 to PHP120. I forgot the actual price. 😛

I’ve been to the SM Mega Mall shoes and bags sale twice this year and the first time I was there, I went home carrying 4 new pairs of shoes. The second time around, I only left with these booties from Parisian and I was just as happy!  Parisian makes really good shoes, in my opinion. Trendy, durable, and local (I think!)! 🙂 It’s also an added bonus that I have been looking for something like these for quite awhile. These are perfect for the Philippines’ hot weather because of the mesh. I don’t need to wait for the cooler months to wear these. Yipee!

Check out the funky heels as well! I feel really tall when I wear these – a definite plus when you’re only 5’1”.

Lastly, I got this gorgeous red velvet dress from Forever 21 for half the price! I’m not a fan of F21 clothes mainly because the fabrics they use feel and look cheap (read: threadbare and not durable) but this one feels very luxurious, indeed. It even has a soft lining underneath the velvet. I also adore the zipper detail at the back. Here’s how it looks when worn: Lookbook. Too lazy to take a photo at the moment 😀

I bought it though because it reminded me of Alexander Wang’s velvet dresses in his fall/winter collection last year and Carrie’s (of quirky vintage style. Both these people I admire and am inspired by 🙂

(Photo grabbed from Fashionologie)

So there we have it, my hauls for March! Looking forward to finding more interesting things this April! 🙂

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