Blood in My Mouth and Other Odd Things

The people who have known me for a while have a common thing to say about me: “She’s weird.”

They’ve reached this conclusion, I assume, after much time in my company.

Admittedly, I have my quirks and “way of doing things.” However, I don’t necessarily find these quirks odd. Rather, I see these characteristics as inherent to me as a person. For the sake of this entry, though, I’ll agree for once  that I am weird.

So just for fun, I thought I’d list down the top 5 “weirdest” things about myself. Perhaps later on, some of you might decide to share your own personal quirks and spread the crazy! 🙂

1) Blood in My Mouth. For some weird reason, there’s blood on my spit. I know, it sounds alarming. When I first noticed it back in high school, my mind conjured images of Nicole Kidman dying of pneumonia in Moulin Rouge. Nothing serious came out of it, though. Four years later, I’m still alive. Sometimes I still find blood in my spit but oh well… *Shrugs*

2) Mirroring Drama. I have a penchant for reading romance novels with poignant plots that pierce through the heart. Once I read a particularly painful line, I stop to stare at the ceiling as the I feel the hurt squeeze my “heart”. Then, I’d look into a mirror and imagine and it was me. I’ll start making  up dialogs in my mind until I make myself cry. One of my favorites for this purpose includes The Way Home by Linda Howard. It was about a woman who agreed to be her boss’s mistress because she loved him so much. Unfortunately, the man was a cold bastard (insert talk about being a hurt kid deprived of a family’s love) who refused to love but is driven by lust for her. And so, the woman has to suppress any show of emotion in fear that he would leave her if he finds out about how she truly felt.

3) Multiple Voices. One week into my first job, a workmate commented that I scare her sometimes because I speak using different voices. It does sound creepy in theory but I like speaking using different tones. It satisfies my life-long desire to be an anime character. Life as an anime character is awesome, in my opinion. That’s why I hated Miyaka of Fushigi Yuugi for hoarding all the hot anime men.

4) Frozen Grapes. I learned this trick from my old roommate back at the Ateneo. Before we eat our grapes, we’d freeze them first. We’d then eat them while the insides are still icy. Yum, yum! Same goes for pasta. I adore cold spaghetti! I hear not everyone likes eating cold food.

5) Song Bird. Sometimes, I have delusions that I’m a musical genius. I hum tunes from out of nowhere and think, “Damn, I can be a composer!” Never mind that I can’t play any musical instrument or that I’m absolutely rubbish at singing. In my mind, because I can make up songs, I have license to say that I’m protegé of music.

Reviewing this entry, it does seem that I’m a little cuckoo. Clearly, I’m a delusional person with stupid habits. Of course, I do hope that those who read this have the foresight to realize that most of these are all tongue in cheek. I wouldn’t like people suddenly “un-friending” me  because of this blog entry.

This just for fun, yo! 🙂 Don’t forget to let me know your own quirks too. I would love to know that I’m not the only odd person in the world.


11 thoughts on “Blood in My Mouth and Other Odd Things

  1. hey B! i guess we really are friends… i’m guilty of 2, 3, 5, and the cold pasta! LOL =P

    hmmm… does that mean i’m weird too?…


  2. I squealed when I saw Fushigi Yugi! I do miss that show – it’s still one of my favorites. Oh, and no worries – I’m definitely guilty of 2 and 5 all the time.


    1. Wahahahah lex! 😀 😀 Why am I not surprised that you’re guilty of 2 and 5 as well? Maybe it really has something to do with reading romance novels! I guess you need to internalize the story to appreciate it better 😛

      And yeah, I am still in love with Tamahome!


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