The first blog post is always the most difficult to write, similar to how it’s always that first sentence in an essay that one always struggles with.

Long stare at the pointer… Type… Shakes head… Backspace… Type… Highlight and delete… Type…

Instinctively, one understands the value of that first sentence (or paragraph, even). Not only will it set the tone of the essay but also, it’s  the writer’s first and sometimes only chance at engaging the reader. Screw it and you lose.

Hence, I struggled over making this first post. Until finally, I decided to just have a go at it. As one of my favorite teachers used to say, “Write in white heat; Edit in cold blood.”

For my first post, here are the five things I want to say in the way of introductions:

1) This is my first “formal” blog. I refused to start one before because I am such an erratic writer but now, I think I’d take another shot at blogging. I miss writing and I don’t get much chance to write at my line of work.

2) I love food and consequently, I love to eat. I’d try anything once, I think. Well,  not anything. I refuse to eat vile and extreme cuisine.

3)  Much to my parent’s disappointment, I confess that I’m an impulsive shopper. My greatest consumer vices: cosmetics, shoes, and dresses.

4) Much to my disappointment, I’m not blessed with an unlimited stash of money so I had to be resourceful. Most of my things are bargain finds. I love bargains and sales! I die of happiness every time I find a perfect item at a very affordable price.

5) Lastly, I love having online discussions and making new friends so feel free to comment or email me.


There, first post over and done with! I feel relieved.

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