Food Lover’s Weekend

I’m thinking about making this a regular thing. Every weekend, I’ll post about a restaurant I went to during the week, a dish I love, or a new foodie find. Hopefully, I am actually able to find something every week. 🙂

First Stop: Fely J’s Kitchen

Ground Floor, Greenbelt 3

4 March 2011

More than the quality of the food or the service, it’s the story behind a restaurant that interests me most. In this regard, Fely J’s Kitchen held me captive. The restaurant was started by the owner in honor of his grandmother, Fely, who had a passion for Filipino cuisine and food in general. Over her years of cooking and travel, she was able to acquire a collection of recipes that I assume she has passed on to her grandson.

When I read that bit of information, my imagination started working overtime. Hence, I suggested the place as the venue of a get together with fellow scholars from the Ateneo and our benefactress, Tita Juliet, who was visiting from the States. Fortunately, the ambiance, the quirky menu, and the delicious food did not disappoint.

Here are some of the things we had:

Eat Your Spinach!

(From the menu) Fresh spinach, lettuce, soft-boiled egg, caramelized nuts and vinaigrette dressing, made specially for those who are vegetable-shy

Swirl Around

(From the menu) Mixed seafood pumpkin soup

Too Good, It’s so True

Pan-fried Salmon in Bistek sauce with kangkong and shrimp paste on the side

Soft Spot

Classic mango panna cotta

(Personally, I found this too sweet but it was bearable)

Full menu here:

Second Stop: Megamall

6 March 2011

My roommate and her nephew, Julio, celebrated their birthdays today. I was invited for lunch at Dad’s Kamayan (an all-you-can-eat buffet serving mainly Filipino and Japanese food) and predictably, I immediately bee-lined for the the sushi counter. I love Japanese food!

(My sushi plate. Didn’t even bother to know the names of sushi. I was too excited to eat!)

After doing some shopping (will make a separate post regarding this), my roommate and I stopped by the supermarket to buy some fruits, which I also love.

As soon as I got home, I opened my pack of Longan and finished it all.


I’m looking forward to eating some more this week. Sometimes, thinking about what I’m going to eat is what helps me wake up in morning. For those who might not know this, I am a horrible person in the morning. I always struggle to wake up when it’s anytime before 12 noon. My snooze button knows this.

That’s it then. I don’t know how to end a post so I’ll end it awkwardly. 🙂

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